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APPOINTMENT SCHEDULED- A social media manager will contact you within 48 hours to engage and collaborate with you in setting up your social media project account and bring your social media project to life after your purchase.

In order to save time, please gather and be prepared to answer the following questions.


1. Locations

2. Age

3. Income bracket

4. Title

5. New Social Media Service or Social Media Platform you are currently using(Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram), which you will assign admin status to us so that we can manage your social media account.

6. Website Address(If any)

7. Social Media Objective(Any interest in email marketing?)

8. You will provide the posted media to us through our proprietary method. No one knows your business like you do, so keep your cost down by providing the posted media to us. We will optimize the media you provide with our unique phrases. Materials can include  already produced or developed business photos, sales material, company logo, ongoing specials media, menus media, new industry development media, videos, product media etc which we will upload to your social media account.

We will use all information provided to formulate a strategy and action plan for your program. In all cases if needed, we will provide guidance based on industry best practice.

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