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Brick and mortar stores, build your business with social media marketing. Let our proven social media strategy work for you. All businesses.

  • BUY NOW Social Media Management(what our clients get for your monthly subscription). Sell more by building a Social Media Audience with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Google Adwords Advertising-Program pricing starts at $311/month in Advertising includes our management fee of 21%(see Pricing schedule)
  • Email Blasting and Email Database Management. Export and blast your emails from our CRM after collection from your website contact page.
  • Email Template(FREE)
  • 30 Day $FREE Trial for email marketing program, with any Email Marketing/Social Media Management combo Subscription
  • Email Marketing Program-30 day $FREE Trial
  • REGISTER now for more information
  • Need High Volume Media Postings. Our Unlimited Posting Programs Will Work For You. You send us the Media, we Post them.
  • $FREE email marketing program with 40 Post/Update Social Media Management Subscription. Limited time Offer.
  • MailChimp integration, CRM also integrates with the entire Portfolio of G Suite Apps.
  • Run an in store Giveaway Program from your Social Media page and website.
  •  Email marketing blasting Program-$99/month, with 30 Day $Free Trial
  •  Social Media Page Design/Setup(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram)-($FREE).
  •  Social Media Management/Google Ads Fees/site-($111/month-20 Postings and updates, $222/month-40 postings and updates, $333/month/site Unlimited Postings, and  $500/month/site Premium Unlimited Postings, Google Ads 21%
  •  Social Media Monthly Advertising budgets selected from shopping cart based on your needs. Select a monthly budget that suits you, starting at $100/month.
  • Positive ROI on your marketing investment
  • Get more Information Now!

Earn Significant Commissions Now

Automated Email Capture Technology Process

 Export Your Captured  Website emails via, Excel, CSV Files etc, and Store Them On Our CRM Server. Export your emails into our email blasting CRM and blast to your customers. Watch your sales grow with our email marketing technology.

Complete your Surveys, with E-Mail Marketing followup to your customers.


Spend more time doing your business and leave the E-mail Marketing to us. We adhere to the highest ethical emailing standards in the email marketing industry. Build your email lists through your Social Media page and website with traditional Giveaway programs, all integrated with our database collection system, which will increase your sales effort though email marketing. Have a website? Own a store or restaurant?, Need to do a survey, email marketing or retail website marketing? Our email marketing platform will incentivize your customers to complete your surveys, or increase your business sales, store and restaurant traffic. We provide E-mail Marketing consulting services to survey takers, retail store company’s and website operators, to enable you to sell to your brick and mortar retail outlet customers anywhere in the world. Complete your in store market surveys and marketing research with a survey giveaway, followed up by our e-mail marketing to your customers.



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