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Websalehosting is an International shopping, Marketing and Affiliate/Publisher  website. Our mission is to service the needs of consumers everywhere. The Products and Services on this website are available to retail brick and mortar store customers as well as web customers in general. Our mobile website is designed with the busy shopper in mind. Easy to use interface with Brand name products and services such as Software and Games and Learning products. Whether you are shopping for our Business to Business marketing product or purchasing our software products, we bring to market only the best products and services for you.  Our website makes extreme shopping easy. We have outlined and continue to update, origination of shopping carts or product point of sale availability to make it easy for you and save you time in the buying process. Shipping destinations will vary with each merchant. This information changes from time to time. Our intention is to bring you more international checkouts. Why pay more somewhere else when you have all the savings and options right here. WE ARE NOW OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE SHOPPING. OUR APP CAN NOW BE DOWNLOADED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE FROM APP NETWORKS Google Play and Apple Store, SO, TRY OUR MOBILE FRIENDLY WEBSITE ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE TODAY!. You can download our app at the bottom of the page or on Google Play search term “”.

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We complete your Survey, Store or Website Giveaway, with E-Mail Marketing for our Merchant Partners


Have a store, need to do a survey or retail website marketing? We now provide E-mail Marketing consulting services to survey takers, retail store company’s and website operators, to enable you to sell to your brick and mortar retail outlet customers anywhere in the world. Complete your market surveys and marketing research with a survey giveway, followed up by our e-mail marketing to your customers. Unlock the power of our Proprietary technology or “Retail Store Sales Tracking Center” Promotions business process to increase your company’s revenue and profit. Merchants Register now for one of our representatives to contact you. Our technical capabilities include translation of your website Rules and Policies from any language for your Giveaway Promotions to help you gain marketshareSee our low pricingYou can pay here with PayPal or Credit cards. You select the most flexible payment option for you at the time of Purchase. You will be billed monthly for a total of 6 months. You have the option of renewing your e-mail marketing program after 6 months at the same monthly price. You may cancel anytime. We help you get the customer’s information into the database. You can replicate the QR Code for your Giveaway or discount program in your place of business, or we will mail a copy to you for you to duplicate. You will use the QR Code to capture the customers information, including e-mail address.

We provide e-mail marketing services for Giveaways in offline/online stores, survey takers and website businesses.

Let BEACON work for you in targeting your territory with our QR Code system. Target sales by location anywhere in the world based on your Marketing Goals.

Deliver tailored content based on where your customers are physically located. With our Proprietary in-store Promotion Giveaway Business Process, you enjoy the following benefits:

DRIVE TRAFFIC to your Business, Brick and Mortar stores or your website with our Proprietary Promotional business Giveaway Process.

Synchronize your Mobile and App advertisement with Prize Giveaways Processing in your stores.

Display our or your QR CODES prominently for our BONUS PRIZE GIVEAWAY PAGE in your store. Enjoy Local, Regional or International Giveaway Promotions in your stores or business.

Tailor offers based on your customer’s physical location. Leverage timely offers to retail store customers. Collect in-store purchase data.

Sell to all type of customers including customers without computers, individuals who are compromised when it comes to using a computer.

Pinpoint the retail store location the sale took place. Get Professional Management of your Store Giveaway Program.

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Technology Solutions for our Customers

CIO’s(Chief Information Officers), get a strategic edge in planning distribution of our popular Browser friendly security software offerings to your far flung locations. Plan IoT(Internet of Things) M2M software distribution based on the location of your Things with 8 software links packed with a variety of software options for security from the list of our popular software vendors. Our security software list was selected to allow Corporate Enterprise customers with multiple locations worldwide to take advantage logistically of our location listing. Get all your software downloads or as many as you can get from our Browser friendly website(one location). You can now plan your security software logistics and distribution operation based on our international locations availability listing to make your job easier and less expensive to perform. Use our security software logistics list to help you in your security software planning needs for remote locations. Get an overhead view of where your security software needs are and resources for accomplishing your software logistics and distribution goals. Complete your Windows migration with Software from our website. Many benefits including faster planning and deployment of future migration efforts and protection from viruses, hacking and malware based on your location. Our extensive list of popular security software is also great for disaster planning, and is Browser friendly on demand. Downloads are also environmentally friendlier and leaves no bits behind. Virtualization, your Security solution with Security software from our website now.

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Many more benefits not mentioned here.

We currently seek Marketing/Advertising partnerships with the following types of retail stores internationally.

All Businesses, including offline stores that generate a Transaction NUMBER in the course of doing business with their customers, businesses and stores that have a website and would like to experience a better ROI in their business.

Whether you do international business, or retail locally. We do all the email marketing work for you. No need to scale up and down every time you do a giveaway promotion.




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