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It’s important for us to provide the best customer care to our clients, such that it will enable superior results which will affect the bottom line of our clients in a positive manner. This applies to all transactions we do with our clients.  We will provide a positive impact on our customer bottom line through utilization of the latest technologies and adapting the best techniques to complete the services we provide to our customers. We value loyalty, kindness and respect in all interactions we have with our clients and potential clients.


Nigel C. Reid – Founder   

Nigel started out building websites as a hobby and quickly discovered his love for the design and the technical nature of the profession, which led to his entrance into business. In addition to Social Media Management, Nigel has worked in a variety of capacities including Big Data, Java Scripting debugging, Sandbox design development and is an aficionado of the long ago established Fortran coding language, having used it in the past. Nigel enjoys sports, fishing and chess. Mr. Reid earned degrees from Rutgers University in Engineering and Psychology. His mission is to continue to infuse creativity into the company’s goals through the diversity of ideas, and to make a positive impact on our customer base, the business environment and the communities we serve.

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