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Coronavirus got you down? Don’t worry. Start Shipping your store inventory today!. No need to wait. Collaborate with us.  We bring the customers with Social Media…


2. PAY WITH PAYPAL or CREDIT CARDS-(Minimum 3 Month Commitment billed monthly)


Select the pricing range or budget below you like, in order for us to manage and build a social media audience, which will enable you to sell more with Management/Marketing Services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Linkedin

 Try our service, you can ramp up your Ad Budget anytime. Select any Posting/Ad management Budget package from dropdown boxes below, or contact us for more information. Pay with PayPal or Credit cards. Try our Unlimited Program. Great for businesses with multiple media postings needs on a continuous basis. (i.e. Stores Gyms, Restaurants, Realtors, Furniture Stores, Boat Sales, Car Sales, Products, Equipment & Electronic Sales, Sports, Entertainment etc).                                                                                                                 

Social Media Management

Postings & Updates+ Advertisement. Limited to (1) site

Premium Advertising Budgets

If you have a Social Media Marketing Page currently not being managed and would like to engage it, we will manage it for you. FREE Social Media Page setup with your purchase of any package.  We DO NOT accept a project without an advertising budget.

100% of your Advertisement dollars is used to advertise your program. We DO NOT keep a percentage of your Advertising dollars.



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